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My Idol and love of my life is Michael Joseph Jackson! My church is Neverland and my religion is Moonwalker.
He is the god of music, dance and spectacle ♥

Is the King of Music! Michael Joseph Jackson is the legendary super star who’s been at the forefront to the music industry for virtually his entire life, for the most electrifying performers the world has ever seen, use raised hundreds of millions of dollars for charity and sold more than 200 million albums.- Michael Jackson’s Private Home Movies.

Michael Jackson only grew and changed. He is perfect!

Michael Jackson only grew and changed. He is perfect!

Michael Jackson like a Panther in “Black or White” - 1991.

Anonymous said: I'm in love with your blog, Is so great! I like it and follow that and one question, What is your favourite Michael Jackson's song?

Thank you! This blog is just a tribute to the best entertaiment of the history and the King of Pop! Michael Joseph Jackson (apple-head) :D and my favourite song is “Man in the Mirror”

All the world known the videoclip most famous and great of the world! This is clip with more records of the history and successful. 

Thriller- Michael Jackson, 1982.

Remember the time - Michael Jackson.                                                          I like so much your moves and dance.

"Beat it"- Michael Jackson in 1982 - won 2 Grammy.

Michael Jackson on the music video “Ghost” a little film.

"Todo mi amor eres tu" is the Spanish version of the song "I Just can’t stop loving you"- Michael Jackson.

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Michael Jackson with Janet Jackson on the song “Scream” (the most expensive video of history).

Perfect Michael Jackson, your moves, your smile, your love to all, your moments how dad! I love all this 



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Just hearing or reading his name excited me! Michael Joseph Jackson I will always love and idolize you